The 17 Things™

Moving “Beyond the 17 Things” for your renovation can yield even bigger results for comfort, health, efficiency and adaptability to climate. Check out some of the options.

+ Other Features Worth Noting

The 17 Things

The 17 Things™ are a great place to start but of course you aren’t limited to them.

There are many ways that you can go Beyond the 17 Things™ and these are discussed in the other sections of the Liveability website.

Your designer or builder will help you take these features to the next level or even add to them to create a bigger proposition of comfort, health, efficiency and adaptability to climate extremes. This may be beyond the scope of a renovation.

You may want your home to be:

When selling or renting your property:

The appraisal checklist which the Liveability Real Estate Specialist uses to conduct a free appraisal of your home, identifies 17 additional Liveability Features™ (these are property features which have the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly by the occupant). It also includes an area called “Other Features Worth Noting”. The agent is able to use this field to address features which are “Beyond the 17 Things™” if the claims can be verified (you have proof of your claim)

A special note on eco interior products: Unfortunately, whilst clearly marked when purchased, the eco credentials of many interior and exterior products cannot be verified once they are used in the property. For instance painting the interior with low VOC paints cannot be easily verified as the paint may look identical in the room to normal paint. If the relevant industries, or builders, were to develop a certification declaration for the inclusion of such interior products, (such as WERS rated Windows), then this can be used by the Liveability Real Estate Specialist agent to validate this materials use.

The 17 Things

The 17 Things

The 17 Things™ are property features that have the potential to reduce running costs and increase comfort if used correctly. You can discuss incorporating these into your renovation with with your architect, building designer or builder. The real estate industry is now identifying these Liveability Property Features™at point of sale or rent through agents that have completed additional training as Liveability Real Estate Specialists.