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The Centre for Liveability Real Estate is owned and supported by CSIRO, The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

Our mission is to provide support for everyone to create and find a better home, one that is healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to community

The Liveability Opportunity for Australian Homes

The groundbreaking Liveability Features Framework was co-developed by Cecille Weldon and CSIRO. It defines and verifies an important cluster of 17 property features for Australian homes which deliver the potential for reduced running cost and increased comfort, if used correctly. They cover aspects of good building design, energy and water efficiency, renewables and energy ratings and up until now, have not been identified in a trusted and standardised way for existing homes in the Australian property market. as they require specialist knowledge and identification and verification processes that are normally not available in the real estate industry.

Our award winning integrated solution enables the real estate industry, via specialist training program and companion prop-tech, to simply and effectively identify and integrate these important Liveability Features into the point of sale or rent (for the home owner and investor and the potential buyer and renter) in a robust and standardised way.

The Renovation Opportunity – “Beyond the Bling”

The introduction of the 17 Liveability Features which can assist with financial stress of running costs, catalyses a new value proposition in residential real estate which covers the “ongoing affordability” potential of an existing home for sale or rent.

This is just at a time when Australian’s need this information the most. represents an exciting opportunity for home owners and investors who have homes with any of these features or are planning a simple upgrade or a large renovation.  They will deliver more comfort and lifestyle benefits when you are living in the home and when its time to sell or rent these additional features can now be validated at point of sale or rent by a trained agent.

Our groundbreaking “features based” prop-tech tool enables the agents to deliver trusted information into the marketplace and maximise the opportunity for the home to receive a higher prices in a shorter time frame.

Liveability Features and their associated individual performance benchmarks were developed over a four year period in consultation with industry organisations in the design, building/construction, manufacturing and assessment industries and are endorsed and supported by them and verified by CSIRO. We call these features The 17 Things™.


The future of real estate – trusted property information

The Liveability Features Framework covers all touchpoints from renovation and rental guides for homes owners through to professional training for this new category of real estate agent “Liveability Real Estate Specialist”. One which goes beyond the generalised embellishment of property marketing to and can deliver real and relevant information in the important real estate moment. We need to know more about the properties we are seeking to buy or rent and, if our homes already have any of the new features, then they need to be pushed forward in marketing in order to meet the new buyer and renters needs.

Our Banksia award-winning Liveability Real Estate Framework

If you’re a sales agents or property manager, from a small independent agency or a large real estate brand, you are now able to access our award winning Liveability Real Estate Specialist training. As an up-skilled property marketing professionals you are able to utilise the ground-breaking “proptech” enabled Liveability Features Appraisal Checklist. This new appraisal service delivers additional information regarding Liveability Features of a property for your renters, owners and investors in order to address the comfort and running cost potential of properties at point of sale or rent. This represents an exciting new value proposition for residential homes and apartments which enables you to professionally respond to rising consumer demand for better property information at a time when Australians need this information the most.

The Liveability Features Appraisal Checklist is a prop-tech enabled solution which automatically generates the Liveability Features Listing image for your property listing. Available on all mobile devices, this checklist contains benchmarks for each feature which are relevant to an existing home or apartment. These benchmarks have been set in collaboration with our knowledge partners in the relevant industries and approved by CSIRO.

By providing these ground-breaking features-based building performance benchmarks into the real estate moment ensures that every appraisal is working to a standard and ensures that consistency across the market. Coupled with the important agent training this delivers a property marketing standard which is maintained, advocated for, and regularly updated at point of sale or rent.

The next generation real estate agent

The Liveability Real Estate Framework encompasses high-level professional real estate training, prop-tech (a new appraisal checklist) and unique property marketing icon (Liveability Features icon) to effectively and efficiently unlock the hidden value of these new Liveability Features.

The ‘real estate moment’ is short but influential in driving value in residential properties. It is important that agents are trained to identify these additional Liveability Features and know why they are important to liveability potential. Therefore core to the Liveability Real Estate Framework is a new professional pathway in real estate, the Liveability Real Estate Specialist.

This specialisation builds on their existing sales or property marketing expertise, is refreshed and updated every 12 months to keep abreast of changes in residential building innovation.

As well as the traditional real estate services Liveability Real Estate Specialist are able to appraise and list a property with an additional 17 Liveability Property features to assist you in buying, selling or renting your home.

The Liveability Real Estate Framework was created to comply with the ACCC Green Marketing.

  • be honest and truthful
  • detail the specific part of the product or process it is referring to
  • use language which the average member of the public can understand
  • explain the significance of the benefit
  • be able to be substantiated

What does this mean for buyers, sellers and renters?

The Liveability Features icon can now be highlighted on the property listing of a home for sale or rent and the features it represents are expertly marketed by a trained Liveability Real Estate Specialist. These specially trained sales agents and property managers have been up-skilled to recognise, and effectively sell, an additional 17 Liveability Features; to understand what the features are, how to recognise them and why they are important to liveability potential.

This is good news for home owners who have invested in the features, or renovators wanting to know where to start. It’s good news for buyers and renters too who are looking to find their best home; healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to their local community.

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