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What is covered in the additional Liveability Features Property Appraisal?

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Free property appraisals are given to home owners and investors by real estate agents every day all across Australia. It is a standard step if you are selling your home or investment property or even thinking about whether to renovate, rebuild or sell in the future. It provides an indication of how much your home is worth in today’s markets and also helps you compare real estate agents so you can choose the right one to market your property. The additional Liveability Features Appraisal is not  “tick and flick” approach to property appraisal. The trained agents utilises their Liveability training and the Liveability Proptech Checklist (on the agents mobile device) with benchmarks for each individual feature. This free specialist appraisal is added  to the normal appraisal process and therefore provides a more comprehensive property information to deliver a better opportunity for your property in the market.

The 17 Liveability Features are property features that cover location, floor plan and layout, key building structure elements, important energy and water saving inclusions and a vibrant community experience close by. It is not a rating it is a “features-based” checklist. Each feature has independently developed benchmarks which must be met when the agent conducts their appraisal walk through. Specialist real estate agents have exclusive access to the groundbreaking Proptech checklist which automatically generates icons for your property listing and is recognised as trusted property information by Choice magazine. This new property appraisal service enables the property features that are normally missing from property marketing to be brought forward and showcased to increase your opportunity to get a higher price in a short time frame.

The list of the features are not numbered in the checklist in order of importance, rather they are designed to mirror a property “walk through”; from the front door, through the house and back out again. In this way it makes it easier for the agents to appraise the property and easy for people to validate at an open home.

The 17 Liveability Features  are:

  1. Climate zone for this property
  2. Living locally
  3. Orientation*
  4. Cross-ventilation*
  5. Zoning*
  6. Insulation*
  7. Density of building materials
  8. Windows (glazing)*
  9. Shading or sun control*
  10. Efficient heating and cooling devices*
  11. Energy efficient lighting*
  12. Efficient hot water system*
  13. Solar photovoltaic (PV) system*
  14. Low water garden*
  15. Water efficiency devices*
  16. Rainwater tanks
  17. Energy rating* – state and/or national scheme

Has your agent up-skilled to become a Liveability Real Estate Specialist?

Liveability Real Estate Specialists are existing sales agents and property managers who have completed an intensive professional development training course to identify, appraise and sell an additional 17 Liveability Features (called the 17 Things™ for short) in your home. Once graduated they become part of a national membership body and receive a numbered identification card which you can ask to see to verify their specialisation.

They have exclusive access to the Liveability Features Appraisal Checklist and icons for property marketing which deliver additional listing opportunities for your property. The Liveability Features Appraisal Checklist has benchmarks next to each feature to ensure a consistent national standard is delivered by the real estate industry. It is updated annually in consultation with relevant industry advisors to deliver comprehensive standards of disclosure for each individual Liveability Feature at point of sale or rent that keep pace with innovation in the property design and construction.

Buyers and renters are looking for properties with the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort, so it’s critically important that the agent you select fully understands these Liveability Features, how to recognise them and why they are important to Liveability potential and more importantly knows how to explain their benefits to potential buyers . This maximises your opportunity for your home to get the highest price in the shorted time frame.


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