Self Register as a Liveability Design Professional

Connecting home owners to the right design professional

To assist home owners and investors in their renovation journey and support them to connect with the right design professional we have created the Liveability Design Professional Register as not all architects and building designers are specialists or wish to be known as specialists in this area. The Centre for Liveability Real Estate believes it is important to acknowledge the role of great building design in the achieving your best home: healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to your local community.

Sustainable building design and residential real estate industry working together

The Liveability Design Professional Competence Register represents an opportunity to bring together architects and building designers that are competent and confident in being able to provide a sustainable building design service which delivers a beautiful whole house solution and connecting them with their real estate equivalents.

This Liveability Design Professional register enables these specialist real estate agents to effectively refer and direct specific renovation questions and opportunities to the right group of sustainable design professionals who can deliver the solution that is required. 

The Liveability Real Estate Specialist have undergone additional specialist training and are able to identify and effectively sell an additional 17 Liveability Property Features™ (see below) which can be identified at the point of sale or rent of a house. One of the repercussions of the residential real estate industry finally acknowledging these liveability features is that it is encouraging home owners to renovate with these features. This is providing the opportunity to truly sell the benefits of sustainable design to a wider audience.

Self Assessment: The Liveability Design Professional Competence Register

Tip:  You will need your professional organisation’s member number and examples of your design work – 2 sustainable design case studies ready to upload or links. So get these ready before you begin.

This Self Assessment Process was developed by a collaborative advisory group including Archicentre, Professor Alan Pears, Caroline Pidcock (Pidcock Design), Donna Luckman (ATA), Phil Alviano (Master Builders Green Living),  Tim Adams (BDAV), the late Dr Chris Reardon (BDA),Tim Sonogan (Sonogan Design), Cecille Weldon (CLRE).

  1. Section 1 covers simple background information regarding your training and professional association
  2. Section 2 covers more detailed information about experience in sustainable design including passive design and specific water and energy efficiency inclusions (listed in the 17 Things™)
  3. Section 3 covers examples of your design work – 2 sustainable design case studies ready to upload or links

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