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You don’t have to own your property to reduce your environmental impact, save money or increase your comfort at home. Download the new 6th edition Liveability Rent Smart Guide.

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Our 6th Edition Liveability RENT SMART Guide … It’s your guide to creating a healthy and efficient home.

Free 44 page booklet – now also including strata information and the 17 Things™.

You don’t have to own your property to save money and increase your comfort at home and reduce your environmental impact. Renters too can do many simple, inexpensive things to reduce a rental home’s energy and water use. Many actions can be done at no cost or low cost, or through small changes in how you live in your home. These range from the simplest tweaks to improvements that may require permission from your landlord or your strata.

To make it easier we have tips for each room of the house that will help you improve your rental home’s efficiency, making it more economical to run and helping to reduce your electricity, gas and water bills.

Talk with your housemates about many of the tips contained in this brochure and come up with an action plan for what you can do to reduce your energy bills while making the house more comfortable. With everyone’s support, the changes you make will be easier to put in place and maintain. If you have kids, get them involved; you’ll be surprised at how enthusiastic they can be when it comes to ideas for smarter living!

Inside you’ll find

01 Tips for the whole house
02 Bedrooms and Living Areas
03 Living Room
04 Kitchen
05 Bathroom
06 Laundry
07 Outdoor Areas
08 Reducing Waste
09 Getting Around
10 Working with your landlord and Property Investment Manager
11 Household Assistance
12 The 17 Things™

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Centre for Liveability Real Estate

Centre for Liveability Real Estate

In addition to their expertise in residential real estate, The Centre for Liveability Real Estate also works collaboratively with the sustainable design, construction, manufacturing and assessment and industries in the development of information on this site.

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