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The second in our Liveability Pledge Poster series by Garbett Design. Download and frame for your home, office or share house.

FREE Liveability Poster to download: No. 2

Centre for Liveability Real Estate

Download Liveability Poster No. 2

The Liveability Pledge Series

Download Poster No. 2

Poster text:

“We believe in using power and water efficiently; in loving food but hating waste; in recycling, upcycling, bicycling; and the power of sharing”

Our awesome Liveability Poster is designed by the award winning Garbett Design.

There are three different versions all created at A3 size so you can print professionally on sustainable paper and frame and proudly display it where you live or work.

Perfect for your school, home or office

So whether you rent or share or own, are a couple or a family unit, a bunch of friends or even work colleagues our simple Liveability Pledge Posters help inspires everyone to come together around a common goal – to create a healthy, efficient and more comfortable home.

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Centre for Liveability Real Estate

Centre for Liveability Real Estate

In addition to their expertise in residential real estate, The Centre for Liveability Real Estate also works collaboratively with the sustainable design, construction, manufacturing and assessment and industries in the development of information on this site.

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