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Try these simple DIY celebration wreaths to make. One using a wire coat hanger as the base with gum leaves or fresh herbs, the other uses twisted bracken and feathers

Two Celebration Wreaths to Make

This quick and easy gum leaf wreath is made using a wire coat hanger and things foraged or found.  We’ve used greenery found in the garden and collection of beautiful feathers – but you can get creative using whatever you like The wreath  is so simple to make, a great gift idea and a simple activity for the children too.

Creating the base of your wreath

Find a wire coat hand and gently bend it into a circle with the hook part of the hanger at the top.

Bend the hook over so it almost meets the other side and creates an eyelet.

Centre the hook in the circle.

Adding your decorations of choice

Using string tie the greenery or flowers to the wire or just twist it round and around, depending on how soft and bendy the flowers stalks are.

It’s also a wonderful way to used fresh picked herbs which are soft enough twist around and add a lovely fragrance to the room.

Leaving the strings loose and long, adds a little texture to the wreath. It also means I can add bells or Christmas decorations to it easily later on or add more foliage as it dries out. You can also trim the string right back right back so you can’t see them at all, its up to you.

The finished product

I love having this wreath hanging all year round and adding little touches to it depending on the time of year… bells at christmas, some fresh rosemary for a dinner party or colourful fresh flower for a birthday party.

Quick and Easy Feather Wreath

If you collect feathers on your walks all year round then this is a great way to give them pride of place.

For this wreath you just need to make a circle of branches twisted round and round and the bound together with more branches or strong twine.

It’s important that the circle of branches is thick and bound cross ways in intervals so the feathers are held tightly. You may be able to find a plain bracken circle in a craft, discount or decoration store.

Then all you do is just poke the feathers in.. around and around. Keep adding them all year as you discover more feathers. You can add to the wreath throughout the year … every time you find a feather.

























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