The Training Course

“This program is an amazingly innovative initiative with the capacity to effect change on people’s lives – through their homes, and through their investments. This initiative has engaged many partners and the engagement results from their training courses are outstanding.”
Judges’ comments, Banksia Foundation Award for Education

The course that truly delivers a real point of difference

The 17 Liveability Features you’re currently missing in your appraisals

“In recent research³, general real estate agents were rated lower in trust rankings than agents with specialist knowledge in energy, lifestyle, comfort and design”

The Liveability Features Framework is an exciting innovation in the way property is marketed. It enables upskilled salespeople or property managers to simply and effectively identify a new collection of Liveability Features and seemlessly bring these into their normal appraisal processes in a robust and systematic way.

It was created for and by the residential property marketing industry in collaboration with the design and construction industries to address rising consumer demand for information about the running cost and comfort potential of properties. The running cost affordability of a property is impacting the information buyers, investors and renters want and need when considering and comparing homes.

In recent research¹, 89% of consumers said that they would find a home more attractive if these features were identified at point of sale or lease

As a Liveability Real Estate Specialist with future-focused property knowledge and resources you are positioned to meet this new opportunity in residential real estate. This is a nationally recognised proptech tool, training and membership program developed from within the property marketing industry and is supported by CSIRO.

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What are Liveability Features  (The 17 Things™)?

There are 17 Liveability Features™ which cover energy and water efficiency, solar PV, passive design and living locally.

This framework encompasses Banksia Award winning professional real estate training, a new benchmarked appraisal checklist and unique property marketing icons (Liveability Features™ icon) to appraise, sell, buy and rent homes with Liveability Features.

Course duration

One full day training (8.30am – 4.30pm) followed by short online review and appraisal exercise.
Total commitment –7 hours

“98% of agents who attended the training said they would recommend it to a peer.²”

Course cost

Price per agent: $635 inc GST
Small team training are available for minimum 10 people. Volume discounts are available for over 50 people.

Training is available to all residential sales agents and property managers – from small independent agencies to large real estate brands.

What you will learn in this course

  • Identify the “sweet spot” in your market
  • Understand this new value proposition
  • Understand what the new consumer wants from you
  • Position yourself as a Liveability Real Estate Specialist in your market
  • Integrate a Liveability Appraisal into your processes using the innovative Liveability proptech
    • How to identify the 17 Liveability Features™ in a property
    • How to appraise and list properties with these features
    • Know why they are important to liveability potential
    • Know how to market them effectively at point of sale or lease
  • Scripts and dialogues
  • The 6 Liveability Customer profiles
  • The power of active listening
  • The language of Liveability
  • Accessing exclusive tools and resources

The training program is endorsed by key organisations and peak bodies in the design, construction, manufacturing and assessment industries.

On graduation

Once graduated you will be Liveability Real Estate Specialist with an identification card and a member number. You will be supported by a national membership program and have access to a continuous improvement training pathway and the best information, resources and research regarding the running cost and comfort potential of properties.

You will receive:

    • One year membership to the Centre for Liveability Real Estate
    • The Liveability Real Estate Specialist lapel pin and the symbol will added to your online profile.
    • Exclusive access to thew Liveability Features Appraisal Checklist, listing tools and marketing content.
    • Annual online training updates for FREE.
    • Access to the best information from CSIRO regarding the running cost and comfort potential of properties to pass on to their buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords.

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