Become a Liveability Real Estate Specialist

For Sales Agents and Property Managers

As seen in Choice Magazine: “A key question to ask your agent, “Are they trained under the Liveability Real Estate Framework?”

The award-winning Liveability Real Estate training is a new specialist pathway for existing real estate salespeople or property managers.

It was created and tested by the property marketing industry to address a new market in homes with the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort and is relevant for both new and existing homes.

This is a ‘features based’ approach which integrates seamlessly into the normal property appraisal and listing process.

It has been endorsed by key organisations and industry bodies within the sustainable design, construction and assessment industries and is compliant with the ACCC Green Marketing and Australian Consumer Law

It’s the future of real estate .. so get on board early

In this course you will learn

  • How to identify, appraise, list and sell properties an additional 17 Liveability Features at point of sale or rent and understand why they are important to the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort.

Once graduated you have exclusive access to the Proptech Liveability Features Appraisal Checklist which is available on all mobile devices as well as the premium Liveability property marketing trade marks, off the shelf marketing campaigns, and print and online marketing resources for your customers.

More information about the training course

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The Liveability Opportunity

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