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Liveability Real Estate Specialist Training

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How long is the course?

One full day training (8.30am- 4.30pm) includes a virtual Liveability Features Property Appraisal exercise for you to try out the innovative Liveability Proptech which you use to identify the Liveability Features in an appraisal walk-through.

How much does the course cost?

Price per agent: $635 inc GST
Real Estate Brand volume discounts are available for over 50 people.

How do I pay for training? Can I pay on the day?

Payment must be made prior to the training session though our booking portal (see next question)

How do I book a training session?

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Where will the training be held?

Training is available nationally in capital cities and, on request, regional areas.
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Are training sessions subject to any maximum or minimum enrollment numbers?

Minimum 15 and we recommend no more than 80 per session. There are volume discounts available, see below.

What do I receive as part of the training?

During the face-to-face training sessions you receive the following:

  • Attendance record
  • CPD registration form (NSW AND ACT only)
  • 164 page LRES Manual to take with you … a great resource for you to refer to as you step out into the marketplace with this new specialisation.
  • Links to the online Liveability Features Appraisal Checklist available on all mobile devices
  • Sample of marketing campiagns
  • ICANZ 5 point insulation inspection guide

Are there any assessments?

Yes, there is a short multiple choice assessment and a practical “virtual” Liveability Features Appraisal exercise at the end of the full day of face-to-face training

What happens if I don’t pass the assessments?

Our commitment to you is that we will support you to achieve a 100% pass, to ensure you are competent and feel confident with your new specialisation in the marketplace.  If however you do not even complete the assessment then you do not graduate.

Once I’m trained how do I become a member of the Centre for Liveability Real Estate and access the membership benefits?

The first year membership fee is included in the training fee and becomes active once you have successfully graduated.

If you were trained prior to 2017 then you will need to contact us

How frequently do I have to update my skills?

Free updates are provided every 12-18 months. Occasionally there will be additional updates to complete if new legislation is released that you need to know about in a timely fashion. You are committed to ensuring you are always being ahead in your property knowledge.

What happens if I run late for training or I have to leave early?

It is a full day’s training and learning is accumulative throughout the day so it is important that you attend the whole course. We will only accept late arrivals in the first half-hour as any later is disruptive to the whole group. Please organise school or daycare pick-ups as we finish (promptly) at 4.30 pm.

Is there any parking?

Not always, this is dependent on the venue. We will let you know if parking is available 2 days before the training.

What happens if I move to another real estate agency?

Your Liveability Real Estate Specialist ID card with your membership number will stay with you wherever you go. You’ll just need to contact us at [email protected] so we can update your membership profile.

Any other questions?

Email the Liveability Real Estate team [email protected] and well get back to you quickly.