Membership Information

Your membership is supported by the CSIRO

For the sales agents and property managers that choose to up-skill and become Liveability Real Estate Specialists and members of the Centre for Liveability Real Estate, the CSIRO will provide access to the best research in the world on residential property performance and help to ensure that member agents are the most knowledgeable in the market.

CSIRO will undertake research to support newly up-skilled Liveability Real Estate Specialist sales agents and property managers.

We will research issues that matter to the real estate industry;

The impact of the Liveability Features™ on

  • Property value
  • The attractiveness of a property to buyers and tenants
  • The best way to engage home buyers and tenants in understanding the Liveability Features™ of their property and their potential for comfort and running cost affordability

CSIRO will use this research and the information provided by our Centre for Liveability Real Estate member agents to improve the quality of residential property across Australia.

CSIRO is looking forward to this new real estate training becoming an industry standard and to joining the next generation of real estate agents in improving the quality of housing and the buyer/renter experience for the benefit of all Australians.

If you graduated after 2017 the membership fee is included in your training fee and becomes active once you have successfully graduated.

Did you graduate prior to 2016?

You will now need to become a member of the Centre for Liveability Real Estate in order for your specialisation to stay active.

If you did not do this by the February 29 2017 deadline then your specialisation has been suspended and you are no longer able represent yourself as a Liveability Real Estate Specialist.  If you wish to have your membership reactivated please email us below.

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