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Prefabricated and kit homes, or “modular” homes, are an alternative to conventional on-site new home construction. The home is built in an indoor factory and is shipped to the construction site for assembly.

Out-of-the-Box Homes

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A Great Alternative

Prefabricated Homes, also referred to as ‘modular’ homes are an alternative to conventional on-site new home construction. The home is built in an indoor factory and is shipped to the construction site. Once the prefabricated sections of the home arrive, they are placed on a foundation and joined to complete the home, usually done by a local sub-contractor or tradesperson.

The shape, style and size of a prefabricated home can be customized to suit you and your budget. Also, prefabricated homes are flat packed and can be shipped across great distances. This flexibility of prefabricated housing is ideal for building in rural and regional areas where skilled labour may not be easily accessible and owner-builder options are an affordable alternative. Some of the benefits are flexibility, resource efficiency, a controlled building environment, higher quality standards, and of course you can move in faster!

Kit homes are supplied in a “nuts and bolts” form, consisting of the bare essentials to build a house up to a frame or lock-up stage. Once the kit has been supplied, the onus is then on the owner to acquire council applications, service connections and all of the other paperwork required to satisfy local regulations. Then the owner must build their house from the supplied components and/or organise sub-contractors and tradespeople. Kits may not include the necessary components to make house liveable —  items such as floor and wall coverings, plumbing, electrical and cabinetry. These items alone and the labour required to install them represent a very significant portion of the cost of building a home.



For a great overview download our simple comparative chart:  Liveability Poster Guide to Prefab and Modular housing

archiShack Prefabricated Homes

All images shown in this post are archiShacks which are built in their factory in Hobart ready for transportation throughout Australia. They are delivered entirely prefabricated to site to be loaded on to prepared footings. The price includes all fittings, fixtures, finishes and appliances (excluding fireplaces and internal blinds).

The archiShack is an environmentally sustainable prefabricated modular house offering many planning and appearance options within a modern and contemporary genre.

Most importantly, it has been designed to incorporate a high level of environmental responsiveness whilst addressing the need to be cost effective and affordable.

Integral to the design philosophy of the archishack is the efficient use of space. Designed in Tasmania and inspired by the long standing and much loved local shack culture it embodies the essential idea that small is not only beautiful, but smart.

In an era of increasing concern regarding the environment it is vital that we design buildings to be not only more energy efficient, but to utilise the areas built more efficiently. The spaces in the archishack have been conceived as flexible spaces able to be partitioned as required whilst still allowing the effective use of the facilities for all inhabitants.

So a three bedroom house with one living area quickly converts into a two bedroom, twin living area house with individual decks and separation from the other if desired; perfect for kids autonomy or guests independence. This makes for a truly sustainable house enabling you to build less than you would otherwise need by simply utilising it more efficiently, particularly when friends and family drop in. Should your circumstances change and you need more space then the addition of successive modules in a wide variety of configurations can be easily provided.

  • Cost Range: The archishack 250 indicative price starts at 140K plus GST ex-factory. The archishack 470 indicative price starts at 200K plus GST ex factory. Plus delivery fee
  • Display home: Yes. Address upon request.
  • Delivery: Australia-wide
  • Awards/ Accreditations: Sustainable architecture award — ArchiTeam 2009 Architecture Awards
Centre for Liveability Real Estate

Centre for Liveability Real Estate

In addition to their expertise in residential real estate, The Centre for Liveability Real Estate also works collaboratively with the sustainable design, construction, manufacturing and assessment and industries in the development of information on this site.

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  1. please send me your price list and delivery to grindlewald tasmania

  2. What a beautiful modular home. I have one built in a lot, and it’s a transportable home, and I love every piece of it. One question though, are these type of homes earthquake proof?

  3. Out of the box, homes are certainly a new way to define custom homes. To have it built by custom home builders will make it more durable and appealing in my opinion especially if you want a highly personalised one.


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