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Knowing the physical characteristics of a product is essential but it’s only part of the picture. Investigating the broader use for a product is essential when it comes to getting the best health and environmental outcomes.

Eco-Certification Series: Global Green Tag

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The Global Green Tag

Global green tag

Global GreenTagCertTM Certification is your mark of confidence when selecting eco-products you can trust to deliver the healthy and green performance you want in your home. It is an Australian-developed system with a global focus, that also meets rigorous European and international standards.

The program is an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) approved National Certification Mark that uses life cycle analysis to certify green building materials and a wide range of other products and technologies that looks at the impacts of the products from cradle to cradle .

The Global GreenTagCertTM program is independently operated from Brisbane and is recognised by both Green Building Council (GBC) of Australia and New Zealand GBC.

It certifies products from some of the world’s largest and most iconic green companies, and also works with many emerging local companies to help their green products stand on both the local and world stages.

Global GreenTagCertTM works with to make your choice of green products simple.

What are your eco-priorities?

Eco-priorities help you decide what product to buy or use by presenting the key issues about what makes a product “green” or not. As a general rule the greater number of beneficial features a product has, the stronger its environmental and health performance; although to tell the full story, it’s best to refer to a life cycle analysis (LCA) assessment, e.g. the Global GreenTag eco-label.

The Ecospecifier-Eco-Priorities Guides provide information on how to decide which criteria are most important to you (e.g. greenhouse impacts, human health impacts, pollution impacts) for any given product and application.

Eco-certified product in focus

About Tretford ®Cord Carpet

GreenTag Certified Silver. GreenTag GreenRate level A.Made in Ireland for over 30 years at the Waterford factory, Tretford is always in high demand because of its strong environmental attributes. This is due to the inherent nature of the product; from the composition of renewable fibres down to the production processes involved in its manufacture.

Tretford’s natural fibre carpets are made from 70% to 80% highest grade Cashmere goat hairs from natural, sustainable resources.  This acts as a natural insulator of heat and sound. These breathable natural fibers are now proven to positively affect indoor air quality. Not to mention the extreme durability and longevity of Tretford even under the most punishing wear and tear.

Sustainability attributes: It is ISO 14001 compliant. Emits low VOCs. Designed for disassembly. Post-consumer recycled content. Post-industrial recycled content. Made from rapidly renewable material. Low embodied energy. Low embodied water. Ecospecifier rated. Reduces heat loss. GreenTag Certified Silver. GreenTag GreenRate level A.

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Centre for Liveability Real Estate

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