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The Eco-Challenge home is all about promoting the sustainable building industry whilst challenging home owners to build the most sustainable home they can afford.

The Eco-Challenge House

Centre for Liveability Real Estate

The main aim of the Eco-Challenge was to create a truly sustainable and desirable home.

“The Eco-Challenge is all about promoting the sustainable building industry whilst challenging home owners to build the most sustainable home they can afford.” Architects Caroline Pidcock and Katherine Madden

Importantly, the project was designed so that the thinking, processes and outcomes of how we creatively addressed the site, brief, material and construction requirements, could be promoted to assist the wider community. The key idea was to arrange the living areas and bedrooms into two separate volumes on either side of a large internal courtyard, connected by a spine of service areas and access ways.

The beautiful, private courtyard with adjustable shading over and a screened green wall to the west ensures the environment, privacy and sun are easily managed throughout the seasons and as many parts of the house as possible can benefit from good solar access, while connecting to the exterior. Living and bedroom areas are well insulated with high levels of protected thermal mass and quality windows and doors. They have been zoned separately from the service areas and hallway, which are in a separate “unconditioned” space, forming a protective spine to the east. The gas boosted solar hot water collector and 3 kW of PVs are designed to help the house deliver a net zero energy outcome over the year.

Client statement

“This project from the outset aimed at reassessing the definition of constructing a home that is considered to be current. Through the journey experienced in developing this project, it became prevalent that if a current home is to be sustainable then it must be current for anytime in the future. Therefore, the definition of a current home extends to providing a legacy that is sustainable and energy efficient for future generations to enjoy. This project represents the collaboration of a building Industry that is ready for the changes toward a sustainable future.” Cameron Rosen, owner and developer


Finalist – Waverley Council Civic Pride Heritage & Urban Design Awards 2011
Finalist – BPN Sustainability Awards 2011 – single new dwelling
One of House & Gardens Top 50 Rooms of 2011


For more information including a tour of the Eco Challenge home visit or email [email protected]

Project Details

Project Name:Eco Challenge
Project Architect:Caroline Pidcock and Katherine Madden,
Interior Design:Daphna Tal, Australian Living
Location:Rose Bay, Sydney NSW
Clients:Cameron Rosen and Daphna Tai, Australian Living
Structural/Civil:Steve Petrucco, Alba Associate Engineers
Building Surveyor:Steve Abbott, Lean Lackby + Hayward
Landscape/Environmental Consulting:Patio Design
Year of Completion:01/12/2010
Building Area:267m2 + 25m2 garage
Sustainability Consultant:Australian Living
Cost Consultant:Richard Cohen, Heyco Quantity Surveyors
Risk Analysis:None conducted as was purpose built for client
Cost-Benefit Analysis:No direct analysis was conducted other than a value for money spent compared to standard rate to build a similar but standard house.
Project Cost:$1.15m incl GST
Cost of energy, water and waste systems (including supply and installation):PV – $11,700 incl GST, Solar gas boosted hot water – $6,600 incl GST, grey water system – $3,300 incl GST

Sydney, NSW Location and Climate

Climate Zone 5 BCA Climate Zone Map



Centre for Liveability Real Estate

Centre for Liveability Real Estate

In addition to their expertise in residential real estate, The Centre for Liveability Real Estate also works collaboratively with the sustainable design, construction, manufacturing and assessment and industries in the development of information on this site.

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