Real Estate White Paper #1

Need to know: The New Value Proposition for Australian Homes

In a previous real estate reality, the default marketing catch-cry of “location, location, location” would quickly relegate many other buyer considerations to the sidelines.
Then there was the pervasive focus on bling factor, with inclusions like European appliances, polished floorboards and home cinemas forming another key cornerstone of sales campaigns.
And while aspects such as design sustainability, clean energy infrastructure and architectural features that promised a cheaper, greener way of life were acknowledged, they were often classed as nice-to-haves rather than basic essentials.

Affordability – the fresh conversation

But that’s rapidly changing. House running costs are becoming a major issue for buyers facing the sting of rising energy prices, and more and more are demanding to know: what will a house actually cost to run? Can I afford to live in it? And, significantly, are there any inherent design features that can help mitigate the burden of energy bills?

“The questions that people ask have changed dramatically in the last five years,” says former Real Estate Institute of NSW President John Cunningham. “The consumer is well aware that energy prices are rising and they know that”s not going to change, so we are finding that people are more interested in the day-to-day costs of living as well as the costs of running a property.”


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