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Patrice asks: Is our convective flueless gas heater using more energy as it gets older? We have had it for 14 years. Also, if we do replace it can we recycle it?

Convective Flueless Gas Heater

Patrice asks

We have a Convective Flueless gas heater that we have had for 14 years, I last had it serviced 5 years ago. It is still working well but I was wondering if it is safe to keep using it or if it uses more energy as it is older?Also if we do replace it is there anywhere we can recycle it? thanks

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Flueless gas heaters are not the most efficient way to heat your home these days. A quality Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner (RCAC) will have a Coefficient of Performance/Energy Efficiency Rating greater than 4, which means that, for every 1 kW of power put in, you get more than 4 kW of heating/cooling out. Even taking into account the reduced GHG intensity of gas over coal, this means that using such a unit will produce less GHG overall. The thermostat that is in an RCAC will mean you can also avoid overheating your home saving more energy. Bear in mind that, generally speaking, there is no need to heat above 18/19°C and no need to cool below 26°C. (This temperature range is considered “comfortable”.)

In order to discover whether your current heater is still safe you would need to get it checked by a qualified gas fitter. As for recycling, check with your local council as they often have these facilities available these days.

John Knox

John Knox

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