About the features

The 17 Liveability Features offer the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly by the occupant. They were developed in collaboration with the design, construction and assessment industries. They cover location, floor plan and layout, key building structure elements, important energy and water saving inclusions, energy rating and more.

The Liveability Features are not numbered in order of importance. Rather, they are designed to mirror a property "walk-through": from the front door, through the house, and back out again.

These features are separated into two main areas of Australia:

  • Most of Australia
  • Top End: for the northern region of Australia that has hot humid summers and warm winters (e.g. Broome, Darwin, and Cairns)

Some of the Liveability Features apply differently in these two areas. The webpages of such features contain two buttons: Most of Australia and Top End. Simply click on the button that applies to the area in which your property is situated to read the relevant information.